Trees inspected as Component of the Appraisal

There have recently been people inspecting the trees at the North Campus property. They were determining the type and size of the trees as part of the real estate appraisal.

There is no plan to cut down a single healthy tree at North Campus, however there is a possibility that some might be removed, in accordance with all applicable codes, to accommodate whatever development occurs on the property.

For example, sewer lines will need to be installed, the tunnels under the property may not be reused and need to be excavated, and additional roads will likely need to be built. It’s likely some trees will be removed.

Rather than sending lumber to the landfill, we want to know what kinds of trees are there , and if there is any value in the lumber. There may not be any value and they will go to the landfill, or if there is valuable lumber they could possibly be milled and re-used on the property. 

As a component to our due diligence, such as knowing if there is petroleum in the soil, we want to know the types and sizes of the trees, any lumber value, as well as the value of the buildings, if any in all cases. We can negotiate a better transaction knowing every detail of the property.

If you have any questions you can reach Eric Grindy at the State at 503-428-3808 or 


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